BD vacutainer


  • Contains spray-coated silica and a polymer gel for serum separation
  • Provide an efficient means of preparing serum samples and help improve laboratory workflow
  • Tubes marked Best Practice Form meet the stringent requirements of complex diagnostic instruments and current clinical guidelines
  • Available with conventional gold tube cap or red/grey Hemogard™ tube closure that prevents human contact with blood on the cap or rim of the tube

Vacuum tubes simplify blood collection

  • Blood is drawn directly from the vein into evacuated sterile collection tubes
  • Only one venipuncture is needed to draw multiple samples
  • Tubes can be changed while the needle and plastic holder remain in place in the patient’s arm
  • Closures are colour-coded.

Plastic vacuum tubes

  • Made of polyethene terephthalate (PET)
  • Provide a safer work environment for all personnel by (1) reducing the risk of tube breakage during handling; (2) eliminating breakage when tubes are centrifuged at higher speeds; and (3) eliminating breakage or chipping of the tube edges when the plug is removed and replaced.
  • In addition to reducing potential injuries, fewer tube breaks result in less workflow interruption and fewer patient retractions, providing a smoother daily operation.

Hoggard Plugs

  • Safety shield designed for safer tube handling
  • The rubber stopper is recessed within the plastic shield, so any droplets left behind by a blood collection needle remain isolated from potential contact.
  • A shield is designed to protect laboratory personnel from direct contact with blood on the cap or around the outer rim of the tube, as well as from splashing blood when opening the tube.


Applications: For use in serum determinations in chemistry

Clasp Type: Hemogard™

Material: The plastic