Aqua Clean 250 ml

Product Information

Name: Aqua Clean


AquaClean is a microbicide additive for stainless steel thermostatic baths. It prevents the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi and also the precipitation of inorganic salts.


  • Water-soluble microbicide additive.
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi and inorganic precipitation.
  • AquaClean is blue in colour and bacterial contamination is indicated by the discolouration of the liquid.
  • They do not contain aldehydes and acids.
  • Its active principles are not volatile.
  • This additive does not invade cell cultures through the air.

Application in thermostatic baths:

– Add 5 ml of AquaClean to a 1-litre thermostatic liquid bath.
– Renew liquid and additive every 4 weeks.
– If the blue colour fades, replace the fluid as soon as possible.
– This product supports the water additives accumulated inside the cell culture incubator.